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Jennifer Kiel Structural Harmony

Myofascial Unwinding & Emotional Energy Release

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This style of bodywork is truly unique in the world of massage--very precise, deep, and slow to facilitate release of potentially years of holding patterns. When releasing tissue, it is normal and common for a client to have an emotional experience. Using the breath in a controlled and safe atmosphere, these stuck emotions can be more deeply released, allowing the body to let go of energetic holding patterns that have been bound in the tissues.

In order to facilitate full body unwinding, into a stronger, more stable, and pain-free structure, specific myofascial protocols are applied during a session. Typically, the area of pain will be addressed first. Subsequently, depending on your structure that day, and what symptoms are presenting, a different myofascial protocol may be applied. This progression is different for everyone, but will ultimately address all areas of the body (upper, middle, lower) for the most comprehensive results. Soft tissue patterns can be the result of many years of a particular way of using the body (i.e. repetitive motion, emotional holding), or can be the result of acute trauma. Chronic and acute conditions will improve with SET.

In the process of doing deep tissue bodywork and restructuring, there will be a significant softening of the tissues. Along with this physical softening, there will often be a release of trapped emotional energy that has been stuck within the chronically blocked tissues. All emotions that have not been expressed and released from the body can be a significant cause of pain. Spontaneous release of stuck emotions is a beneficial part of this work. Emotional expression is encouraged during all sessions, and can be facilitated to release at a deeper level with guided breathwork and tuning forks.

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