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Once you have had your first SET session, your hips and spine are in weight bearing functional support. A great way to strengthen intrinsic (postural) muscles is by doing yoga. This will continue to help you unwind, and especially help with the process of detoxification through sweat. The benefits of sweating are remarkable--weight loss, detoxification, immune system enhancing, cardiovascular strengthening, muscle recovery, mood stabilizing, skin clearing, and more.

As I continue to do this work with people, it is my observation that those individuals who incorporate Bikram yoga into their wellness or rehabilitation routine along with SET, achieve the results they are looking for more efficiently. Pain relief in a shorter duration of sessions, the ability to hold structural changes with greater ease, more quickly strengthening and toning the body, mood stabilization, enhanced body awareness, and more efficient sleep are just some of the benefits.

My office is adjacent to Bikram Yoga Williston. I have the highest regard for all instructors who teach at this studio. As a beginner, or a novice, they will welcome you and give you all the support necessary for you to begin or renew a yoga practice.

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